Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What I know....and do not know

Some information has been given to me, and as of today this is what I know...

1. The FLDS mother's do know of the amazing benefits of breast milk and the majority breastfeed their infants until the children self wean (about 18 months). This information was given to me from an FLDS mother today.

2. The FLDS mothers are familiar with WIC and may or may not be receiving benefits. I would like clarification from someone involved to let me know if these mothers are in need of breast pumps and supplies.

3. Outsiders are not being allowed to talk to the women, children, and or foster families to offer any assistance. If this is not true, then I have not been able to contact the right representative to give the mothers a message of breastfeeding support.

4. La Leche League in the area has made a statement offering help. "At this time, La Leche League has made resources available to the community if they need mother to mother BF support and assistance. We have a group of Leaders ready to assist these mothers if they contact us. Melia Boyer Area Professional Liaison LLL of Texas"

5. There is an attorney that has contacted me that is willing to represent these clients on the issue of making sure the children have breast milk.

6. The women are not against using technology and have electricity. Usage of breast pumps will not be impossible.

7. The Texas Breastfeeding Coalition is offering support and has contacted CPS officials.

8. Some women will be allowed to stay with their nursing infants. Some nursing infants have already been removed from their mothers.

This is information that I need, and what I do not know...

1. Do these mothers already have access to breast pumps, and are willing and able to use them?

2. For the women that are not allowed to stay with their nursing infants: Will these mothers be able to give their children the pumped breast milk? What if the foster family is hundreds of miles away?

3. For the infants that are not allowed to stay with their mothers: What are they being supplemented with? The AAP states that the next best thing to mothers milk, is donor human breast milk.

4. Can we collect breast milk for these infants, and have a mothers milk bank collect and distribute the milk to the children? If only the children that are sick may have the breast milk, can we make sure there is awareness that it is available?

5. What education is being given to the foster families about infant nutrition and breastfeeding?

More to come. I have a birth to attend but will be off and on trying to update as often as I can in the next few days. Do email me and keep me posted if you have more information.

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