Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Take Action

I would like to ask those that are able to get into action to make sure these infants have breast milk.

Leave a comment on how you may be able to help.

How you can help:

If you are part of the legal team can you please advocate for the babies needing breast milk, even if it means mothers will be apart from the children. While the FLDS children may not be in the care of their mothers, I am wondering if they can be allowed to receive their mother's breast milk through supervised breastfeeding visits. Then they would also receive the benefits of being at breast. If that is not allowed then is it possible to get the mothers set up with breast pumps and a milk drop off station? Please comments below on the efforts being done.

Donations of personal breast pumps and hospital grade breast pumps and pumping kits for these mothers will be needed if it is determined that they are not receiving WIC. If you know if these mothers already have access to quality breast pumps and supplies please let me know. If you are able to donate breast pumps or feeding supplies such as bottles and storage bags, please contact me by leaving a comment or email.

I feel strongly that there needs to be training for those that will be providing care for the children to know the benefits of breast milk and proper storage and handling of breast milk. The FLDS mothers also need training on breast pumping and storage and handling of breast milk. Is the state providing this training? Please comment below if you know more information.

Media sources don't stop talking about this issue. I am available for statements. Comment below if you will be quoting or referring to this site. I am available to discuss the benefits of breast milk and the risks of formula feeding.

Local organizations such as La Leche League, Breastfeeding Coalitions, please comment on your efforts.

Help Children's Advocacy Center
of Tom Green County http://www.cactomgreen.org/index.php

Spread the word on these children being deprived of optimal nutrition.

Have other ways to help? Email me: BrightBabiesCo@aol.com or leave a comment on how you may be able to help.

By Nicole Hoff


Nicole Hoff said...

Offering rental breast pumps and supplies if needed: Nicole Hoff, BrightBabiesCo@aol.com

Offering literature, education, training to care providers and mothers if needed:
Nicole Hoff, BrightBabiesCo@aol.com

The Pastoral Princess said...

I wish I lived closer! I would be thrilled to help in some way! This is just an outrage to me. My children had nothing but breast milk and I cannot imagine the trauma that we would have suffered (both mother and baby) if I had had them ripped away from me!
Jada Stark

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I am not aware that CPS has ever permitted a breastfeeding mother to supply breastmilk to her child if they have removed it because they consider the child at risk in her care.

It might be interesting to find this out.

Kerry B said...

Unfortunately I am no longer a nursing mother. My baby is almost 18!

My heart breaks for these mothers. CPS is taking some of these children as far as 6 hours away from San Angelo. The Houston Chronicle reports some are going to Alvin in Brazoria county. Too far to even visit easily.

What are we coming to when an infant is ripped from a loving mother? I am the mother of a special needs adult. When the state decides that they don't like my religion (LDS...are we next??), will they take him away?

My prayers are will all those families.

Kerry B
Wisconsin, formerly Texas

MilkMaid said...

At first I was very upset at this situation, as a breastfeeding mother, a LLL leader, and as a Lactation Consultant. However, as I read and learned more, a few things about HOW these children are being raised, are upsetting me MORE than the Mother Baby separation which originally angered me.

1)Many of these women ALLOW girls as young as ELEVEN to be used by grown men as "Spirit wives" have sex with these children ect, and their mothers do NOTHING to protect them. I know I would do bodily harm to anyone who tried to have sex with one of my children. These women CHOSE to do nothing to protect their own young.

2)One of the main reasons for the DNA tests, aside from the fact that the FATHERS are NOT coming forward to claim their OWN children is that the younger girls are being coached to LIE about even having children. They are being told that their "husbands" will get in trouble, if the "Outside" finds out they were having relations with the girls, so these girls are going along and DENYING their OWN babies, to protect the MEN who raped them, in the first place.

3)People are saying La Leche League should "do something." Huh? LLL helps those who help themselves, we don't go and get into people's business when we are not called, nor wanted. People will say, "These women may not know...." well, again, educating oneself or denying education for oneself is a CHOICE and these women made the wrong one. For their children and themselves.

4)Young boys, some as young as 14 are being simply "dumped" from the compound to fend for themselves. WHY? Too many young boys means LESS young girls for the older men to rape. Simple math. HOW could any mother allow her son to be tossed out into the world so that HER husband won't see him as a rival for young girls he wants for himself?

5)It has been seen in other polygamy compounds that many times women are forced to go on Welfare, and claim she doesn't know the whereabouts of her husband and children's father, just so the Compound could get more money, milk,(very often FORMULA, so she can get pregnant again, as soon as possible) WIC services etc. It has not been determined if THIS compound was doing this, but Warren Jeffs, One of the Founders of this Compound, who is in jail on Child Rape Conviction, HAS forced a number of women onto welfare and lived off of those services and that money himself, while his "wives" and children survived on peanut butter and noodles, in filthy hovels, while Jeffs lived in a mansion, with his "Favourite" wife.

I am sorry, but these women are NOT behaving as GOOD MOTHERS, whether they are breastfeeding or not. Allowing your daughters to be raped. Not allowing your children to make their own choices about when or even IF to have children. Kicking young boys out on on their own. NONE of these are the actions of GOOD mothers.

I see no reason to go out of our way, for people who are breaking the law, harming their OWN children, and acting like Stepford Wives.

They have to ASK for help, and stop abusing their children, then, I'll go back to righteous indignation. Until then, I am with the Courts.

margaret b said...

This is precious time for these little ones. They need to be held by their mothers, breast feeding mothers even better. The courts are slow. It is abuse to separate them from their mothers. I am a mother of four, all breast fed. Still nursing my 18 month old. I am also a health care professional. My heart breaks for them. The babies do not need to be punished. I am willing to help! I can make a donation, even a used car. Margaret Bennion

Ruth said...

I agree with Margaret b -- count me in to help!