Monday, April 21, 2008

Texas judge declines to rule on FLDS mothers' request to stay with their nursing babies

Texas judge declines to rule on FLDS mothers' request to stay with their nursing babies
By Brooke Adams
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 04/21/2008 04:16:48 PM MDT

SAN ANGELO, Texas -- The Texas judge overseeing the polygamous FLDS sect's case today refused to make any ruling that would allow breast-feeding mothers to remain with their children in state custody.
Judge Barbara Walther did rule on requests that women and children currently being held in San Angelo be able to pray together privately. She told Texas Children Protective Services (CPS) to find a member of the mainstream Mormon church to supervise group prayer sessions with FLDS women and children. Those sessions would occur in the morning and evening.
Walther was addressing a request for temporary restraining orders filed by attorneys for four of the nursing mothers, but on behalf of all mothers there. The request asked the court to stop Texas child-welfare workers from separating mothers and children, to allow private prayer, and to give the women and children telephone access to their lawyers.
The judge said she would leave it up to CPS officials and the attorneys to work something out on the breast-feeding. The attorneys, however, replied that they have so far been unable to come up with a workable agreement.
CPS officials plan to separate 68 women with children under five from their kids once DNA samples are taken. The sampling began today.
A total of 416 children taken from the FLDS ranch more than two
weeks ago are being kept in a coliseum and pavilion in San Angelo.


RolandoBini said...

That cruel and abusive judge should be sacked. Probably she does not know what a mother feels for her child.
CPS with the unconditional backing of corrupt family court judges are bent in destroying the family unit under any imaginable excuse.
CPS are the Greatest Child Abusers: for every child they may help, they destroy a thousand. they are also the Greatest Educational Neglecters since very child they kidnap, fails in school thanks to them. They are alos the Greatest Orphaners since they fabricate Orphans out of children who have loving parents but who belong to groups who do not have the political power to protect themselves from the predatory abuse of CPS.
People need to wake up and close down CPS and Abolish Foster Care. Round them up and send them to life in prison with forced labor in the coldest place in Alaska. They are a plague that destroy anything they touch, especially children and families. they are Social Cancer that continually feeds the prison, homeless and mentally ill populations.
They are the main weapon in the destruction of the family, the natural cell of human society and the last focus of resistance to Total State Control.
Remember the same psychopathic woman from Texas CPS who directed the infamous Waco massacre is the one spread heading this new assault.
There is plenty of evidence that children kidnapped into Foster Care before 3 years old make the vast majority of psychopaths and serial killers. 75% of children from foster care fill the prisons and most of the rest end up as homeless and mentally ill. The owners of the private prison industry in Texas must be salivating since CPS is working full time to help them grow.
If we allow these family destroyers to win, then we will become a nation of slaves and sink into the dark ages.
If you want more information about this Social Engineering scam, visit:

applejuice said...

I am a breastfeeding mom and I can't imagine being separated from my son.

Does the judge and CPS understand that babies generally won't go cold turkey from breast to bottle or from mom's milk to formula.

CPS is putting the physical and emotional health of these babies at risk.